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More precisely to reveal strength of competitors and to find the advantages, it is necessary to obtain data on other aspects of activity of competitors: a financial position, the purposes on a concrete, features of management.

As appears from the presented, all firms participating in research are, there is no obvious leader in the market that activity of firms as there is an uncertainty at a of strategic decisions, ­ activity of firms in the market of a stationery.

Today only large of stationery are able to afford penetration on Rosyosiya's market. Costs of opening of branches are so high that the firms which entered the market independently can be on fingers: ESSELTE, V1S, GILLETE (Parker), COLOP.

For this reason domestic notebooks are in great demand, despite more poor quality and design. If the notebook of an import is bought, the consumer treats quality of paper more captiously and chooses cover drawing.

Reliable and full information about goods - the most important condition of its successful advance in the market. Of course, if it is about production, but not about fakes and marriage., as we know, a to turn potential and gives a an emotional. Not to hold the client and to make him the admirer of this or that brand of advertizing insufficiently.

How change of conditions of import will be reflected in a state of affairs at suppliers and in a situation in the consumer market? Suppliers are uniform in opinion that anything catastrophic did not occur: profitability of business noticeably will not decrease and increase of duties will gradually be shifted to the end user.

Coming back to a problem of lack of a in a warehouse: it is useful to tell to the client date of the next receipt of the necessary goods. In this case it is very probable that he to wait, than to continue in other firms. Anyway, it is better to offer the buyer goods which now there is in a it will significantly raise a purchase.

If telephone conversation already any time and on some signs is felt that the client ­, useful would be to learn, what is his name, and to continue communication, as often as possible (but in a ) calling it by name to a middle name. Dale Carnegie speaks: "There is no his own name for the person of more sweet music, than". It would be to adopt, and then interest of the client, most likely, will pass into sympathy. Call also yourself, but it is better only by name. It will give to conversation easier tone.

First, the domestic producers and suppliers working today in the conditions of fierce competition start everything understanding more distinctly that without advertizing successful advance of goods in the market is not possible. Though many of them still perceive publicity expenses as annoying need and carry them to the section of operating costs, whereas the western firms - to the category of long-term investments. Respectively, domestic-owned firms seek to spend as little as possible for advertizing, but to gain fast effect.

To be evident in any situation, self-adhesive notes are painted in bright, to an eye of color. It is considered classical yellow, are also offered pink, green and blue, both an average saturation, and pastel and neon tones. The white is less often used. Besides such color scale, also Post It in a cage and in a ruler are issued.

In this case we will try to conduct local research, ­ the level of satisfaction of of consumers (wholesalers, end users) in a of a stationery (office accessories).

It is only possible to note that when advertizing specific services the mass character similar to an impact of "Procter & Gambel" on TV, and services of "Boeings" - the intermediaries in advertizing activity interested in advertizing, favorable to themselves, but not in satisfaction of inquiries of the client - are useless, and is frequent and are harmful.

But it is the simplified option given, so to speak, for descriptive reasons. Now we will consider this subject in more detail. The first that it is necessary to make, having picked up the phone to greet. But by experience I can tell that for some this "obvious" turned in "" and therefore to remind of a useful to greet.

As for radio and television, there was an impression that the office world is simply not ready to do an investment in the most expensive type of advertizing. And maybe, and, really, in TV advertizing - there is no need?