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Through the lower aerated cone carry out unloading of a It consists of an external continuous cone, an internal cone and a cone from a six-layer belting. The last is stacked on an internal cone with openings

The Shnekovy feeder consists of the screw with the step decreasing by the end and the aeration chamber divided by a belting layer into 2 parts. The flour given through an entrance branch pipe by rounds of the screw and forms a stopper which interferes with break of air from an aerocamera in the screw.

The emptied bag is put on by the open end a of a pneumocleaner and cleared by a stream of air, the fan. The flour dust settling in cyclones of a is issued and gathers in a bag. When performing operation the receiver of a flour provides unloading of 60 in an hour.

For greasing of the rubbing surfaces in a carving opening from the handle of management put greasing which at a of the screw gets into the greasing cavity via the valve interfering a greasing effluence. At a of the crane it is necessary to turn the screw on some turns.

The receiver for HMP is included in the package of an aerozoltransport. It is mounted in a bakery warehouse. A pull of bags for depletion is made a pneumatic meshkopodjemnik. The flour arrives via the loading bunker in a lock, and further compressed air goes in.

Materialoprovoda are intended for movement of a flour. They are made of steel seamless pipes of 422, 562 and 805,5 mm in size and branches of the same sizes with corners 30, 60 and 90 °. Sites of pipelines connect demountable ­ HTP couplings, cranes and switches. The surface of materialoprovod has to be smooth, without agnails and ledges. Materialoprovoda supply with the crane for dumping of pressure, the manometer, the blowing-off union and the valve.

Rotor feeders represent the cylinder, on forming which reception pockets for a are made. Edges of these pockets create lock locks with casing walls. Compressed air is brought in the lower part of the case. At rotation of a rotor the flour gets to the lower part of the case of a and is transported in the necessary direction.

Aerozoltransportny installation for a flour. It consists of an unloading sleeve, a reception guard for a flour, materialoprovod with switches, capacities for storage of a flour, filters, feeders, dosers, aero trenches, compressor and control devices.

The silo consists of three main parts of a cover, the feedwell and a cone the Cover has the hatch, a loading branch pipe and one belt of the feedwell the Hatch is intended for survey of a silo. To the case of a the cover fastens easily leaning back brackets In part of the feedwell there is hermetically a closed hatch the manhole intended for survey and repair work

Filters apply in systems of pneumotransport. M-102, HE-161 and HE-162 filters are intended for purification of the air which is forced out from silos. The filter - a razgruzitel of M-104 is intended for division of aero mix of a flour and air into components (volume of 50 — 75 m3/h). The filtering surface at M-102 and M-104 filters makes 0,33 sq.m, at the HE-161 filter — 9, and at the HE-162 filter — 3,4 m