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Fruits and seeds. Fruits and seeds should be collected the quite ripe. The exception is made by plants with the dragged-out blossoming since they ripen not at the same time and while the part of fruits did not ripen yet, ripe are already showered. In this case tops of plants cut off while a half ripened, then plants connect in bunches and suspend for ripening of all fruits in the dry room. Fruits umbrella (an anise, fennel, caraway seeds) should be collected on dew or during wet weather early in the morning. Juicy fruits collect in the morning or in the evening when the heat falls down. These fruits demand careful sorting during collecting.

At distillation of high-grade moonshine it is diluted with water to concentration 40-45 °, then prevented in a cube and carry out heating with a high speed up to 60 °C, and then, reducing heating speed, slowly bring to the boiling temperature which is in an interval 80-83,5 °.

On six liters of moonshine to add 1 liter of fresh milk and to overtake so that went purely and was not the slightest particle to a shoulder strap. Or: on 12,3 liters to moonshine to fill 400 g of pure birch coals. To insist until all coals do not settle and moonshine will become pure, after that to merge, dilute with water in the ratio 2: 1 (one part - waters, to add 800 g of raisin and to overtake once again.

Technological operation of release of ethyl alcohol owing to heating of the rewandering home brew to temperature of boiling of spirtisoderzhashchy mix with the subsequent cooling of spirit vapors is called as distillation. For distillation of home brew and partial purification of moonshine various designs of moonshine and rectifying stills are used. Distillation is difficult process and demands strict observance of temperature condition at all stages.

Flowers. It is recommended to collect flowers at the beginning of blossoming since out of time collected, they lose coloring, are crushed when drying. The most active flavoring agents are concentrated generally in petals of flowers and baskets of an inflorescence therefore at heading it is necessary to separate a pedicel. Flowers - the most gentle parts of a plant therefore, they cannot be stacked densely in the closed container. It is best of all to bring together them in baskets and immediately to dry up. A period of storage of flower raw materials till 2 years.

To take these remains, it is required to increase home brew temperature that in turn will cause intensive allocation of heavy fractions - the fusel oils considerably worsening quality of moonshine. Temperature of the beginning of intensive release of fusel oils corresponds to a point 3 and makes °C t=85.

The full scheme of cleaning includes chemical cleaning, spetsialyy distillation, filtering and insisting. For any cleaning it is necessary to take moonshine after the first distillation at the room temperature as high-degree alcohol very reluctantly leaves the impurity, and at the increased temperatures some substances are not caught. Then moonshine is processed potassium permanganate solution at the rate of 1 - 2 g on liter, and the necessary amount of potassium permanganate should be parted previously in a small amount of boiled water. This solution is poured out in moonshine, carefully stirred and left before loss of a deposit and clarification (8-10 hours. Further moonshine is filtered through a cloth and carry out special distillation.

Finally rewandering home brew gains specific, slightly bitterish smack, formation of foam and liberation of gas in it practically stops though when stirring capacity vials of gas from a bottom still rise. The smell also considerably changes and from sharp becomes sweet-sour.

After that malt is scattered in the warm dry room and slightly dried. Then malt dries in a hothouse to those, a time until its humidity makes 3-3,5%. Temperature when drying should not exceed 40 °C. When malt is ready, it is dry to the touch, the smaller sizes, than before drying, and backs is easy separate friction in hands. Malt needs to be frayed hands, to separate sprouts and to sift on a sieve. Malt has to be stored in the closed capacity in the dry room.