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Modern level of a civilization and technologies would be inconceivable without that cheap and plentiful energy which provides us the oil and gas extracted from a bottom of the seas and oceans. At the same time on the Caspian Sea, on the coast of Arab Emirates and in many other places are almost destroyed a natural landscape, the coastline is spoiled, the atmosphere is polluted and the flora and fauna are exterminated.

The sea always pulled the person to itself, there can be even more, than a sky. I do not know, whether there is an occupation more interesting, than research of sea depths, after all even now not only the majority of secrets of the ocean remain riddles for people, but also not all parts of the ocean were visited by the person.

Oceans have huge reserves of minerals. Sea water contains almost all chemical elements, but many of them - in so low concentration that the cost of their extraction is much higher than the cost of production of the same elements on the land.

For the time being the person treated oceans with awe and fear, and then started dumping in water various waste - firm, liquid and gaseous. Steamships and barges take away firm garbage far away in the sea.

Through a board of the ship waste jumps out of a galley, directly in the sea merges water from a toilet. The rivers take out the freight of sewage, biogenous substances and the weighed solid material in coastal waters. Pesticides, compounds of lead and many other polluting substances, pollyutant, are carried in the atmosphere, settle and drop out together with a rain, adding dirt to the ocean.

Ways of coal mining, oil and gas from a seabed where thickness of a firm cover to deposits is thinner, than on an earth surface are widely applied, and it gives the chance to the person cheaper means to receive minerals.