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Expense of ammunition, the food and other appliances, the organization material, medical, other types rear and on logistics of technical providing to a regiment approximately also, as well as at approach to the defending opponent with promotion from depth.

During approach the medical aid station of a regiment is developed on a situation and, as a rule, at emergence of a large number of wounded. Its movement can is made in full strength or with preliminary promotion autodressing to the new area.

All events held by preparation for approach from direct contact with the opponent should be carried out strictly observing the mode of actions of divisions of the back set before. Special attention has to be paid on reserve of their movement, on prevention of density or other actions which can open preparation of a regiment for approach and unmask its fighting order.

When finding a regiment in the second echelon of a division it is engaged to action in the depth of defense of the opponent. Therefore its back carries out tasks usually at short stops, moving after the coming divisions. Thus the expense of appliances and loss of staff will sharply increase with input of a regiment in fight.

Placement and movement of the back. At direct contact with the opponent the regiment takes the offensive usually from the provision of defense after a necessary regrouping. In this case the medical aid station and a company of material security of a regiment of the first echelon if necessary have to will move to the new areas appointed taking into account a regrouping of divisions. If areas of placement of the back after this regrouping appear within a strip of approach of a regiment,

For direct protection of divisions of the back two-shift, three-shift posts and pair patrols are exposed, patrol on delivery roads and evacuation will be organized. In certain cases there can be a need for strengthening of protection and defense of the back by allocation of combat units (including and tank) for maintenance of the automobile columns which are carrying out transportation of appliances and evacuation.

Coming in the first echelon and on the direction of the main blow of a division, the regiment will spend more appliances, especially ammunition, to sustain higher losses in staff, than part coming on a secondary direction or being in the second echelon (a reserve. Therefore and the volume of problems of the back of providing divisions of this regiment it will be considerable the big.

Under favorable conditions for the hidden approach and expansion the regiment can hold a starting position in direct contact with the opponent. In these conditions of division of the regimental back leave to the areas appointed by it at night before approach together with combat units of a regiment in readiness for performance of tasks during approach.

Depth of tasks and creation of a fighting order of a regiment has essential impact on the organization of logistic support. High rates of approach of a regiment demand more frequent movement of divisions of the back, leads to reduction of duration of their actions on one place and to decrease in functionality. Considering creation of a fighting order of a regiment, the main efforts of the back need to be focused on the providing artillery, an advance party and divisions of the first echelon which are especially operating on the main direction.

In the next days at development of approach in the operational depth where defense of the opponent in the anti-tank and engineering relation will be, as a rule, weaker, the expense of ammunition, except antiaircraft, usually smaller in comparison with the first day of fight and can make:

Logistic support in approach will be organized and carried out according to a fight plan in close interaction with technical providing on the basis of the centralized decision of the commander on the organization of fight.

Delivery roads and evacuations. to a regiment are appointed and prepared for transportation of appliances in battalions and on firing positions of regimental (battallion) artillery, and also for evacuation wounded and patients from divisions. Besides, on the line of placement of firing positions of regimental (battallion) artillery and the back of battalions of the first echelon the rokada is prepared.