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Choice of object of work ‑ business of the teacher since to school students will be to estimate the above-stated factors difficult independently objectively. However for the purpose of development of enterprise thought in school students it is expedient to give a task to school students on selection of object of work for the above-stated criteria.

Achievements of success in the business and through it progress and welfare of all society it can be put by the main objective of the pupil. It is natural that objective criterion of success is only money, in smaller (unfortunately) degree public recognition presently.

Being guided by A. S. Makarenko, the teacher has to provide an individual approach to each pupil, carefully study Wednesday in which the child grows, to try to make to parents necessary recommendations about reduction of negative impact of the environment by the child.

On the basis of the individual approach developed by A. S. Makarenko, applying the method of "parallel influence" developed by it (impacts of the personality on collective and vice versa), relying on researches A.A. Ukhtomsky and L.S. Vygotsky, I came to a conclusion about need of development of a universal technique on the organization of business activity on the basis of school workshops.

The technology of assembly and production of the stand is explained to pupils, they are offered to offer ways of use of this production, to make offers to the enterprises and the organizations which are near school, to hold negotiations, etc.

And, if people with the created system of values and ways realize a temporality of economic difficulties of our state, in weak consciousness of the school student the main dominant first of all is money, often without leaving a place for cultural wealth.

Combining provisions of the handles operating work of a box of giving it is possible to receive various sizes of longitudinal, cross and vertical giving of a table. Inclusion of mechanical giving of a table happens by means of cam couplings. At the switched-off mechanical giving the table can be moved manually by means of mechanical handles and makhovichok.

Availability of these products will allow school students to compare the production to production of competitors, will bring up at the school student a pride for the performed work and as a result of it will have impact on formation of the identity of the school student in general, his adaptation to realities of modern life.

Harmonization of the public and personal purposes is represented now the most important task of the teacher. Klassovo non-uniform collective when in one class children from families of various prosperity are trained generates at children from needy families feeling of uncertainty in himself, they are compelled to give preference to values of a class of the rich blindly.

For this reason in this work pedagogical and economic parts prevail over the technical. Finally, a problem of this work is development of effective model of the organization of profitable production in school workshops on condition of development by pupils of the material provided by the school program in full.

The aforesaid testifies to relevance of inclusion in the content of school labor training of bases of the theory of the organization of business activity, thus a paramount factor the real organization on the basis of school workshops of the productive work of school students constructed on bases of business and possessing big, but, unfortunately, insufficiently used today, educational potential for development of the identity of school students is represented.

Thus, stated in this work, it is applicable first of all to a perspective of teaching technology and business and to an educational role of collective (a class, a circle, etc.) in which teaching a subject and production of objects of the labor is conducted.

Short digression to technology of constructional materials will be useful before work with this material. Will be lit by the pupil strong and weaknesses of aluminum. It is offered to carry out its processing in the different ways.