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The territory of the country in the east and the South is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the West - waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Spain is on crossing of the important maritime and air routes connecting Europe with African and American continents. The most part of the country are covered with plateaus and ridges round which plains and lowlands are located. The central part of the country is occupied with an extensive plateau of Meset with a chain of mountains the Central Cordilleras which also Sierra-de-Guadarrama, Sierra-de-Predos, Sierra-de-Ghat consist. In the north the Cantabrian Mountains are located. Along border with France Pyrenean mountains were stretched, Iberian and Catalan mountains in the east lie. In the south there are mountains Sierra Morena and Andalusian mountains. Gore Mulhacen – the highest continental point of Spain – is located m height-3482 in Andalusian mountains. Gore Piko-de-Teyde (3710 m) there is on the largest of the Canary Islands Tenerife.

In spite of the fact that the Iberian Peninsula is on the southernmost tip of Europe and is almost isolated, it always supported close connections with the people of other areas. It left a mark on culture of Spain, and consequently – on character of its cultural heritage.

Historically it developed that the bulk of cultural and historical monuments of the USA belongs to the period of 17-18 centuries (the period of development by immigrants of America) therefore, it is undoubted that residents of the USA in foreign tourism most are attracted by the cultural and historical moment, and Spain is the country with rich cultural and historical heritage, in particular the Renaissance period (about the 13th century. Respectively, for tourists from the USA the most attractive is the informative type of tourism. Tourists from the USA can be met in Madrid, in the provinces of Rioja, Kastilya-la-Mancha and Estremadure.

The Mediterranean coast of Spain in the province Murcia located between Andalusia and Valencia. There is one of the most fashionable, prestigious and perspective resorts of Spain - La Manga-del-Mar of Menorahs. Tourists are attracted here by unlimited opportunities for occupations with water sports, abundance of entertainments, fine hotel infrastructure.

The factor of development of national economy is a basis for tourism creation. After all tourism and everything that is connected with it, is not only natural and historical prerequisites, but also the service level predetermined by the level of economic development in all its aspects.

The main defining condition for residents of England on a choice the vacation spot is the climatic factor. The coast of England is not adapted for tourist and medical resorts. For achievement of Spain from England the air transport is perfectly developed, the automobile tunnel through the passage is recently constructed. British prefer from the Spanish resorts – Costa del Sol in Andalusia which part was the British colony. As for islands, British often come to the Canary Islands, especially on the island of Tenerife.

The big stream is sent to England, the country very unusual and in many respects not similar to other countries of Europe. It is the island state with rather ancient and original culture. Other countries notified by the Spanish tourists attract from all for the same reasons, sometimes and in statistics the business purposes, training and other bases for trips are considered.

is the cosmopolitan resort town in which it is possible to meet tourists from many countries of Europe. A peculiar feature of the city is the neighbourhood of modern hotels with the historical and residential quarters leading the everyday life.

Tourism as favorable and highly profitable branch, has huge impact on economy of Spain. Thanks to tourism, priorities in many spheres of a national economy, a standard of living of the population changed. Also, tourism has influence on distribution of labors and financial streams, on solvent demand for goods and services of tourism in particular. Exactly thanks to tourism the geographical position of the state, its climatic resources and cultural and historical sights become the general benefit.