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new private business is guided by the purposes of strategic character much more often. The choice of the purposes correlates with degree of success in the adaptation: the enterprises pursuing strategic objectives appear in the best economic situation.

The important role of small business is that it provides a significant amount of new workplaces, sates the market with new goods and services, meets the numerous needs of the large enterprises, lets out special goods and services.

World experience confirms: small business - an important element of market economy without which the state cannot harmoniously develop. It in many respects defines rates of economic growth, structure and quality of GNP, forming its 40-50%. But matter not only in quantitative indices - this sector in essence is an immanent element of market infrastructure.

Small business — the business which is carried out in small forms, relying on business activity of business owners, small firms, small enterprises. It is characteristic for some types and modes of production, trade, a services sector.

The purposes which heads set before the enterprises, also have essential impact on their behavior. The analysis revealed internal coherence, coherence of administrative decisions and the purposes of the enterprises. Defining in many respects a choice of concrete ways of behavior, the purposes thereby act as its generalizing characteristic. Partly reflecting subjective and personal features of the businessman, the purposes at the same time are integrally connected with way of the organization of small enterprises:

In general small business, anyway, overcomes the current financial difficulties, and is frequent — by an exit to the sphere of an uncontrollable financial and non-financial turn, due to mutual support and informal communications, but here for development of means chronically is not enough.

Small business as an immanent component of modern production in many respects promotes maintenance of a competitive tone in economy, creates a natural social support to the social system organized on the basis of the market and also forms a new social group - businessmen.

Accurate communication between the level of costs of development and such factors, as an economic situation of the enterprise, motivation of its management and aspiration to expansion of a field of activity is traced. Small enterprises with a steady financial position fork up on development, as well as those which leaders are focused not so much on maximizing profit, how many on a survival and growth, and also the firms seeking to expand number of kinds of activity more willingly.

Let's notice also that small manufacturing enterprises are more active in acquisition of the equipment and transport, but others are less spent for advertizing, than. They build much more often or get rooms, than the enterprises of a services sector, and carry out training of employees, than trade enterprises more often.

In the country now there was a situation unique on a global scale when everyone as the enterprise class is just formed can start being engaged in business activity and process of its formation has mass character.