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Thus, the coefficient of investment appeal of the enterprise which reflects today's profitability of an investment turned out, i.e. having made investments in this enterprise, we already at the time of the transaction would have 31% profitability of operation.

It is important to consider this distinction when comparing of the expected income level on the capital (rates of return) and rates of percent: it is expedient to carry out comparison with a real, but not nominal rate. The same remarks belong and to discounting procedure.

For successful placement of money it is necessary to estimate at these securities correctly prospects of the enterprise, – i.e. its investment appeal. Investment appeal, it is possible to determine by comparison of 2 indicators. It, first, today's stock value (the declared, market value). And, secondly, its real today's or after certain time. Joins in concept of real cost both the cost of property of the enterprise, and the discounted income.

The accounting of a factor of time when determining category of percent helps to understand many realities of market economy. So, the time of the fixed deposit is more long, the income on this contribution in the form of the paid percent is higher.

In the analysis of category of percent it is important to distinguish a nominal and real interest rate. The nominal rate is the current market rate of percent without rates of inflation. The real rate is a nominal rate minus the expected (estimated) rates of inflation.

Thus, considering the reserves revealed by consideration of influence of a commercial margin and coefficient of transformation on profitability of own capital and differential and coefficient of borrowed funds on profitability of own capital, we receive the final formula of calculation of profitability of own capital used in calculation of internal cost of the enterprise