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To be effective, the multiple purposes of the organization have to be mutually supporting - i.e. actions and the decisions necessary for achievement of one purpose should not disturb achievement of other purposes.

At last, strategic plans have to be developed so that not only to remain complete during the long periods of time, but also to be rather flexible that if necessary it was possible to carry out their modification and reorientation.

If it is supposed that some person will accept responsibility for satisfactory performance of a task - the organization has to provide it the demanded resources. Management is performed by it by delegation of powers together with tasks.

Process of strategic planning is the tool helping with adoption of administrative decisions. Its task - to provide innovations and changes in the organization sufficiently. More precisely, process of strategic planning is that umbrella under which all administrative functions take cover.

Strategic planning represents a set of the actions and decisions undertaken by the management which conduct to development of the specific strategy intended to help the organization to achieve the objects.

The administrative facilities carry out so many functions in the modern organizations that everything cannot be listed them. However it is possible to classify the staff device by two or three main types, considering functions which it carries out. Treat three types of the device the advisory, serving and personal device which is sometimes considered as option of the serving device. However it is necessary to remember that in practice it is seldom possible to draw sharp line between these types.

The structures providing the international offices are most often used in situations when the volume of foreign sales of firm is rather small in comparison with sales within the country. When the volume of foreign sales significantly increases, the global organizational structure becomes the most suitable.